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Stephen Colbert . . .last episode, and Ice cream

Hi Universe and Facebook folks,

Well I am sure many of you watched the final Colbert report and it was entertaining.  I didn’t realize it had been on for 9 years! Plus he was doing that character on the Daily show  some prior to his own show.

I don’t post on Politics but I gotta say regardless what side of the isle you were on he was fun to watch.

But for me personaly the most influential thing he did was lend his face to a Ben and Jerrys  icecream


This stuff is freaking delicious! and yes you gotta eat the whole thing in one sitting its that damn good!


So the interesting question is now that he is taking over for letterman what is he going to be like? He’s played the same character for 9 years what will he be like? Will we see himself  as he really is or another character? He definitely can hold his own on an interview so no problems there. So I guess we will just have to wait and see.

In the mean time Thanks Colbert Report for making me laugh

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Superhero Girl Section new poster found

Hi Universe and Facebook folks,

Well in my attempts to start consolidating  and expanding my influence online I came across this awesome poster that is gonna find a place in my Shop

Thanks   Ladies Geeking Out    from Facebook


Photo: Preach it sister!    For a bigger look Check out my Super Hero Girls Section



Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas…It May Be Your Last: 11 Holiday Haunts

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I seldom reblog things but this is just so much fun I had to have my universe take a look SOOOOO MUCH FUNNN!!!!!

Much respect to original poster

Originally posted on :

11 Holiday Haunts

Post reprinted with the kind permission of our friends at

It’s the time of year that spooks even the most die-hard haunter: the Holidays. The gleeful smiling faces of shoppers and blaring Mariah Carey Christmas songs are proof that the true scares in this world aren’t confined to just Halloween. Thankfully, a few dedicated haunt crews have decided that the season is just a little too cheerful and have constructed their own holiday horrors. While we found over 30 haunts across the U.S. that celebrate the holly-jolly days with fear and fright, we chose to feature eleven attractions (in no particular order) that really caught our attention.


Brighton Asylum Santa's SlayFirst and foremost, how could you resist such a great name! Santa’s Slay – get it? See what they did there? That’s gold right there, folks. We don’t even need to go in to…

View original 1,147 more words

This gallery contains 21 photos

Featured Image -- 1268

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Interview: Vince Hernandez Discusses Aspen, Kiani, and the Changing Comic Readership


This is a great post and interview and its all about making comics more inclusive for girl readers. Since an entire section of my comic and manga shop is just for girl comics I thought this was important so please take a look. Much Respect to Graphic Policy who originated this

Originally posted on Graphic Policy:

00b_FAK4-02-CMYKcrop_1In early November Aspen Comicsmade the announcement they were changing up the look of their heroine Kiani when Fathom: Kiani Volume 4 #1 arrives February 11th. Alex Konat, Giuseppe Cafaro, and Wes Hatman were tasked with updating Kiani’s look and the title’s overall design.

What was even more amazing was the honesty and transparency as to why this design change and update was happening:

And as our company and fan base continue to evolve, a new generation of readers will be introduced to this wonderful character, including a much larger female audience. We wanted to honor that spirit of progress by updating the look and feel of the series with an exciting new design.

In a year of major changes in the diversity of comic characters, this was the latest example that 2014 could be called “the year of the woman” in the comic industry.

We got…

View original 1,195 more words


Facebook Likes

Hi Universe and Facebook,

I need some help I have to have 25 likes to get a custom business page address. I gotta have this to use on my webpage to link it to the Facebook account.

Everything has to be linked prior to me staring my kickstarter campaign so please like anything you see so I can hit my 25 needed

Thanks everyone


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HUMP DAY!!!!! Christmas style


HI Universe and Facebook Folks,

Well its a week and a day till Christmas eve. The malls are getting crazy and so are the other stores. Not everyone finished there shopping early  WAYYYYYY EARLY such as myself. I just gotta wrap the stuff. As it gets closer lets be nice outthere.

So don’t do this:


Gentlemen and I use the term loosely don’t do this:


And Finally perhaps Ellen knows how to shop the right way!






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Christmas with the Kranks Christmas Windows & your Traditions


Hi Universe and Facebook Folks

Well I’m watching Christmas with the Kranks and its a funny movie but as I sit here I am not laughing but getting mad at the characters in the movie opposing the Kranks trip to Jamaica for Christmas. Maybe its just because my big holiday is Halloween that I think to myself a Jamaica Cruise instead of Christmas sounds GREAT! So I’m actually getting mad that the neighbors are being that much of a pain. Nobody likes pushy neighbors. Now when the daughter calls and they gotta have Christmas its hilarious what they do to make it happen.

So This post is about Christmas and Decorating: how many of you guys celebrate and do you have any traditions for decorating or going any specific place?

Also many of you are my age or older and can remember the fancy window displays during Christmas downtown or have seen something similar in say NYC or Chicago or Toronto. With this in mind I ask this question. If I get the location I want for my business I would have a HUGE window space were I could do 1 massive display or possibly 3 smaller ones. So what would you like to see in such a festive display?



Let me know folks!




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