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The Closet Special Mechandise Page

Hi Universe,

Well our construction continues and this is a very fun section.  Screen Accurate and full size props!

These rare items  are the things that will be the envy of any fan and most will only be able to be found in my store! So check out my new page and get a tease of some of these items.

harrypotterwizadpic3  the_hobbit_ed356ad97bae9d27ff57d8004a3d61e6









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Harry Potter fest concluding . . .or is it? Dream books to add to story by Rowling?

harry_potter_and_the_deathly_hallows_part_i harry-potter-deathly-hallows-part-2-final-poster-01


Hi Universe


Well part 1 of the deathly hollows just concluded now its time for the final chapter . . . unless you have read any of the 8 short stories J.K.Rowling has written of recent.  Part 1 the more I watch it the more I like it and of course the 2nd part is just incredable.

But it doesnt end their at least not for me I have 8 blu ray disc to watch al the behind the scenes and making of and I’m looking forward to that!

So here are the final  2 trailers and






What animagus are you?


I was a wolf or a dog depending on which test you take


So what was your favorite part of the movies?

What was a moment that sticks out to you?

What event happening to our characters means a lot?



What do you think of J.K.Rowling actually writing the biography as

Rita Skeeter of Dumbledor?

It’s just a wish I had


Would you rather her write the events of the 1st time Voldemort came to power and the original order of the Phoenix? 

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Cosplay Sat.

Hi Universe,

Well its that time again and I wanted to ask a simple question

What was the worst cosplay fail you ever had?

Check out some of these truly terrible I wont even call Cosplay cosplays


* note  a few of the “fails” were only because the person was not skinny and I don’t agree with that, all sizes should cosplay without judgment


“MY COSPLAY” Page updated and you help me pick next one!

Hi Universe,

Well this was the easiest page to update and the most fun!

I’ve got 3 possible costumes and I want your help to pick which one or all 3 or heck give me something else to try!

Check out “My Cosplay”  to see lots of pics of the costumes and props

Some pics are actually the real screen used items so how cool is that!

Your choices are:

Barbossa  Rumpelstiltskin-From-Once-Upon-Time  shadow


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So wanna know how I got these scars?


Hi Universe,

Well things are starting to change the most noticeable is the new Firesidechats fireplace and pics.

Pretty slick if I don’t say so myself! This is just the beginning The 1st 3 official  logos are now mine and how we got to them is coming as are new and redone pages, you might notice the names are changing.

So what do you think of my digs?

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Harry Potter Marathon 1/2 blood Prince


Hi Universe,


Well I’m about to turn on Half Blood Prince and It’s one of my favorites both the movie and the book.

I might also mention the dark score is also one of the best in the series.

Ok you should have if you went to the links last time found out your wand type.


Mine was english oak slightly springy with a dragon heart string core.

The best sight to find out all of these things is on Pottermore so check that out.


Now tonight lets find out your Patronus!

This one is pretty cool


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