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Arkham Origins Joker Cosplay



Hi Universe check out the new images of the Orgins Joker.

I somehow got lucky and found everything I need except white spats all at each first place I went. Then Much sewing , chalking , cussing resewing and painting occured check out the project pics.


I also picked up the white make up from Krylon ( shout out to Face/Off fans) for the permawhite skin, as well as liquid latex and spirit gum for the scaring on the mouth.

So I’m getting closer to done! More pics will follow as it gets closer to completion!

Check out my joker cosplay page to see all the new pics!



note: yes the coat is purple but the picture is deceiving. Like the sample photo above the coat apears black if not in direct sunlight, also the all black shoulder and cuffs and collar area has not ben added or painted yet so don’t freak out yet;)

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Hi Universe,

Well work has already begun on my Arkham Origins Joker Costume. I have NEVER been this lucky with finding what I’ve been looking for at the 1st store I went to. I was fully prepared to hit every goodwill and salvation army to find the leather trench-coat to alter. First goodwill I go to Its there and for only $20. I need a vest to alter I go to encore a consignment shop and I find not only the vest but the tux pants and a purple silk pocket handkerchief. I go to Jo Ann’s and the leather that I need to make the coat look right is on sale and exactly 2 yards (all i needed)

So I am assuming that the universe is about to explode or the house is going to burn down starting in my workshop. To find everything so easily has to be an omen of something?!?! Have I possibly triggered the apocalypse?





Are the dead rising from their graves?



Do I finely get to buy that all leather outfit and get my crossbow ala Daryl and kill some zombies?  . . .. . Maybe


daryl-dixon-like-a-boss     zombie02

Pictures of how this project is coming along will be posted!

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Hump Day


Hi Universe,

Well first off in my area there are some stores that men just don’t go into unless accompanied by a lady. You know them: Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works Aerie, Jo Ann Fabrics . . . Well I have been in Jo Ann’s probably about 4 times in the last 2 days. Between sewing classes and getting material and construction stuff for my Joker costume I’ve been there as much as the staff. BUT I have literally been the only guy in the store. I got some weird looks while standing in line to get fabric cut by the women around me.  I have crossed some invisible line. It makes me laugh to myself. So today’s video will be about shopping.

Most of us will admit (guys) that we cave for what our girlfriends ask for this little commercial is just that . . .or is it? mwahahahaha

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Sat. Cosplay


Hi Universe,

Well Halloween is getting closer and its a great time to pick up some new effects make up. I am replacing my entire makeup kit that had been stolen so yeah its expensive.

So here is my question.

What type of make up for just a foundation do you use and why?

this could be regular skin tone or it could be a charecter color

What was the worst effect makeup piece you used what was the best?


So let me know!

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Hump Day Superhero deaths and Female Super Armour



Hi Universe,

Well as most of you may know Wolverine our cigar smoking tough talking and total bad ass is set to be killed off this very month.

Like many of you I think this is yet again just a gimick to boost sales we all KNOW he will return just like: Superman, Batman, Dare Devil, Capt. America, Jason Todd , Aunt May  etc etc etc

So if you’ll all join me in a momnet of meahh  . . . . Meahh.

Enjoy this spoof on Supermans death with wolverine clearly seated in the 3rd row smoking a cigar and awaiting his turn to be “Killed off”



Oh and to also follow up on the trending talk about an female lead superhero movie may I point out that the costume is crucial to this LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG over due flick.  I present to you the way in which girls usaly get arour for battle and what it looks like:







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All about that bass and the Superhero Girl

Hi Universe,

I haven’t commented on the pick of Wonder Women from the upcoming Batman VS. Superman. But I feel the need to today especially since I’ve been following closely the talk from Marvel Studios about a Female Solo Lead Super hero movie that is trending now. (long over due)

Plus the Song all about that bass talks about femal e body image and its always on and thats awesome love the song and it is partly why I bring this up right now.


1 Do I like the costume. Yes I think It LOOKS awesome.

2. Do I feel it is Functional  . . . not quite. Yes Roman Male armor was a leather pleated and studded skirt so technically its ok BUT when the new 52 finally got Wonder Woman out of the bikini bottom and into some pants whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy undo a good thing a advance in female superhero fashion bikini to pants nope  doesn’t pass boys I say No. Pants leather with some sculpting pieces more protection.

3. Wonder Womans actresess figure. Is she beautiful and have dark long hair yes. Does she look like she could kick your ass . . .nope. She does look like she could be a great dancer or yoga instructor. Hiring a model instead of a cut actress sorry I dont like it.


Bloody hell Hollywood. When will we get a non barby doll superheroine! Look at Black widows figure in avengers and more recently Captain america Winter Soldier. She had hips and arm muscles. Was she cut like a WWE diva no but she had “all the right curves in all the right places” Listen up Holloywood skinny gals  do not cut it any more size 2 is not what 90% of the ladies look like. And FOR God Sake WONDER WOMEN IS NOT A SIZE 0 grrr.

4. Can she act? I do not know I have never seen the actress in anything myself so I leave that till the movie comes out or they show soooooo many previews that I can piece together the entire movie months before hand.


Now I might also say that body image is very important and a healthy understanding about what is airbrushed and not and what is realistic and not is important. That being said I LOVE the song All about that Bass. It is about celebrating the curvy girl . . .non skin and bones. And it just makes me want to bust a move in my car I dont care if I’m at a red light and you pull up next to me its gotta a great big band sound I love it. I gotta say guys curves is where its at and the super skinny no curves that is the vogue thing is not floating my boat wink wink. Ladies I do not expect nor want you to be a size 0 Victoria Secret model. A healthy and not to skinny or way overweight figure is what most of you got regardless if you agree or not and your all beautiful.


So that Being said and my soap box having been stepped down from enjoy All about that bass video bellow!


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Sat. Cosplay Question

Hi Universe,

Well I have started to replace my makeup kit. Yep it got stolen hows a guy supposed to be the joker without a whole lotta white creme based makeup?

I forgot how expensive makeup is ladies MUCH RESPECT for your continual investment in looking great for yourself and for us knuckle heads.


So my cosplay question is about a makeup tecnique used in Interview with the Vampire Movie. 



Notice the subtle veins that show through in the make up should I incorporate this into the makeup for the Arkham Origin Joker for Akron Convention?

Please let me know!!!!


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