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A special warning for guys

Hi Universe,


Gentlemen and I use the term vary loosely.  We are all guilty of being cads, jerks, cheaters and worse and on multiple occasions. We should endeavor to be the best versions of our self at all times especially for the ladies and our special lady.

IF YOU DONT . . . . . go see gone girl . . . . I wont spoil anything  but let me tell you boys you’ll certainly think twice about being a jerk. Nuff said.


I saw this movie and I am quick and can figure stuff out fast . . .nope not this time !  Go see it.

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Cosplay Saturday Vampires . . . . .Need I say more?

Hi Universe,

Ok its that time again so a few announcements and then the question.

First of work has begun on my vampire costume for Halloweeen. As usually I was able to score a fantastic black trench coat from Salvation army. Please imagine “thrift shop” miraculously playing right now. This was actually a women light coat but it was the proper length and very light weight hopefully allowing some cool billowing in the wind action when worn.  Now the sleeves were naturally too short so I am using my left over leather to not only fix the sleeves and add leather cuffs but also a leather bat on the back with its wings stretching to the front. Pics will be comig soon!

$T2eC16Z,!ysE9sy0i3R0BRQlOOHytQ~~60_35this is what they look like though mine wont be tilted so far back (he looks like a goblin to me not a vampire)

Cosplay Question:  Modern vampires do they have pointy almost elf like ears or do they have regular ears? 

I ask because I went out and got the ear appliances to add to the overall vampire design, did I pick wisely or not?



Superhero Girls Page UPDATES!!! Your Chance to Shape comics for Women in Ohio

Hi Universe,

Ladies what comics do you read that feature a strong female lead?

  let me known what you recommend, it will have an immediate impact on what ends up on my shelves. This is your chance to shape the comic community for girls in Summit county Ohio!

These Slides are just a hand full Scroll down to go to the link that has much more to check out!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ok here it is after much delay the start of the list of Female centered Comic Books. These are the titles that I have done some research on and will be in their own Featured Super Women section in my future comic, manga, and cosplay shop. Now I havent read all of these just some of them so my research could be off. Also I have probably missed some crucial titles.


 Ladies let me known what you recommend, it will have an immediate impact on what ends up on my shelves. This is your chance to shape the comic community for girls in Summit county Ohio!

So check out the page and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!


HUMP DAY!!!!!!


Hello universe,

Its that time again! Its hump day time for some funny stuff to help us through!

Ok I just watched yesterday The Flash both the pilot and episode 2 . Barry found out he had to eat . . .A LOT! So in honor off that enjoy these flash moments most of which involve him munching on something!

Also if you recognize the song GOLD STAR and yes we are getting old damn it all:(


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Hi Universe,

I went last night to the 8pm premiere at my local Tinseltown.  I got a real leather key fob that has the dragon on his Armour on the key fob  . . for free.

The movie was great my only complaint was I wanted more . . .a longer movie. That is exactly what the people that made this want to hear I’m sure.

How he turns into a bat is fantastic, how he uses his vampire vision is very cool, how he can control the bats is even better then the previews show! The battleing that he does very cool. The sunlight on vampire effects are the best I’ve ever seen.

THE COSTUMES ARE INCREDIBLE!!! I would not be surprised at all to see that the costumes were nominated for an Oscar they are absolutely beautiful. That includes the Armour as well. Especially that beautiful dragon Armour that their are pics of.

The story is simple but doesn’t need to be very big. The turks are the bad guys they do bad stuff Vlad must do something and the only way to do it is to become a vampire. Simple, straight to the point and no 30 min. of debating about should I or shouldn’t I this movie moves and moves fast!

Historical accuracy . . . .They say he is the prince of Transylvania when he was actually the prince of Romania, the real Vlad was taken and with his brother by the turks this he had no brother, Vlad did have a very small army in this he has none. Vlad also killed all the aristocrats that got his father killed and impaled any one that broke the laws in Romania in this Vlad would never have done that to his own people. So Historical Vlad much worse then this Vlad.

They also say their are no pics or statues of vlad, this is also not true their are both.

Go see the film its great just don’t get up to go to the bathroom or you’ll miss to much ( my friend did)

Its very fun, and if it does well, will kick off all the universal monsters getting redone, next up is apparently the mummy and then the wolfman.

I give it a solid 3 stars

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RIP Assus computer and belated hump day

RIP-Spokeo-Info-Bubble   hump-day

Hi Universe,

Well if we could all have a moment for my little assus computer it suddenly and unexpectedly died sparking and smoking  a little before refusing to turn on. Like a dead car that wont turn over the light would come on but then . . . nothing

So let us bow our heads as taps play for my little fallen soldier.      burm bra braaaaaa  etc etc

So in honor of its passing and belated here are some video clips a day late to help us get throw the weak.

Rest in piece tiny computer  . . .

Now I didn’t have any issues to make me angry at the little guy but had I perhaps my reaction  would have been more like this German Kids . . . hahahahaha enjoy the carnage


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