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Joker Cosplay Done

Hi Universe,

Well I spent basically all day and most of the evening finishing my Arkham Origins Joker costume and gun prop.

Pictures will be posted very soon of the finished product. I’m pleased with the finished product though its not perfect and some stitching areas are rougher then they should be. But for me the most amount of sewing I’ve ever done I’m proud and a KEY factor is its done with days to spare Sat. will be when the con takes place.


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Hump Day Video


Hi Universe,

Its here yet again HUMP DAY and I have found a funny video that not only is funny but also cute and about one of my fav. game franchise.

I love the assassins creed games  . . .well I’m not a fan of III ughhhh Conner was soooooo slow it was painful to try to fight.

I’m sure most of you like myself have put down your $5 min. deposit at game stop for the upcoming games. I’m not thrilled that Unity is for Xbox 1 only, but at least Renegade sounds very cool and different which is good.

So this most recent trailer for Assassins Creed Unity should be seen even if not for xbox 360. hehehehe



Gold age of Comics . . .TOLD YOU SO!


Hi universe,

Well in an earlier post I had said that it is a new golden age for comics. All the movies and the its cool not nerdy any more and hell even nerdy is cool thanks to big bang theory.

TV we’ve had smallvile and a arrow WALKING DEAD and now Gotham and in Oct constintin and also the flash.

now cbs is set for yet another comic inspired tv show confirmed in much the same way as Gotham had been a year ago is a Super Girl show.  I know I know lets not hold our breath remember the failed wonderwoman pilot that never aired but  . . . .the producers an creative team are diffrent then that.

Here is the link and further proof that though my spelling is terrible my thoughts on a new golden age are error free and spot on! Thanks superherohype for the


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Super Women . . . without powers . . .technicaly


Hi Universe,

Ok folks if you haven’t seen Gone With The Wind, GO! I just got to see it locally on a HUGE screen. Its the 75th Anniversary of the movie. I’ve never seen it all the way through. I did today and let me tell you it was FANTASMIGORICAL! And let me tell you folks very VERY few movies do I give the Fantasmigorical nod. The cinematography beautiful , the score fantastic, the costumes detailed and slick, the acting HOLY CRAP PEOPLE!  Incredible.

Having finaly sat down and watched all the way thru and in the manor it was intended to be wow 4 hours of FANTASMIGORICAL!

Now I try to only talk about superhero or cosplay  or theatre related things. But I am breaking protocal to say Scarlet  O Hara,   . . . . superhero!

Was she destructivly stubborn? Yes, Did she drink secretly like a fish, yes. Was she vain and selffish yes.

BUT did she change? it took awhile but yes. Did she overcome anything even the death of her own child . .yes yes she did. Was she ever Hungry again HELL NO.

Did she toss out Rhett yep

Did she wait to get her head on straight till her only friend died yes yes she did.

But even that being said had she become strong and resilient, the person in my opionion capable of geting Rhett back YES.

TRUE  Hero’s have to overcome something even if its themselves.

Scarlet is a hero and a powerful woman.

I if it has not been granted yet, I make her an honorary superhero!


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Cosplay sat.



Hi Universe,

Well its Sat. so that means another cosplay question.

Ladies I tip my hat to you. I purchased 2 eyeliners a lip stick and a mascara for my joker cosplay (which is a week away for lakeland) and it was $38. I had to double check the prices and yep $38.

I know that the make up that you gals wear is not solely for attracting us gents and it is about a positive self image but you gals have alot more then just 4 things. I cannot imagine what it has cost you gals to have all that you do in the makeup dept.  It’s gotta be A LOT.  So from this price shocked fan of the girls I say to you all thank you for spending so darn much and you look great.


So here is my cosplay question: What is the most amount of $ you spent at one time on cosplay makeup?


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HUMP DAY funny video


Hi Universe,

I must first apologize for not posting a sat. cosplay question. Shame on you  . . .yes I know and agree but I had a REALLY good excuse.  Recovering from Cedar Point Halloweekends. Yes I ventured to the point and got the wits scared outta me. New haunted trails and houses were like cat nip to this Halloween total nut! The weather was fantastic, the rides were as always friging awesome!!! and the scares rocked my socks nearly literally off.

If you’ve never been to a halloweekends or something similar like the universal studios halloween bash WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!!!  Seriously you need to go its a lot of fun. So thats my excuse. A at least decent one i think.

But fear not I will never let a hump day go by without a video!

Also more joker cosplay fabrication pics will be posted I’m 3/4 of the way done. 1 of the shoulder pieces just refuses to go on as if it was alive and fighting the sewing machine tooth and nail. Perhaps throw holy water at it?

Well check out this Halloween prank idea video I particularly loved the koolaide bloody shower gonna have to file that away and use it on future gf.  . . .yes I know already just asking to get dumped not smart. mwahahahaha enjoy!


what pranks have you pulled?


P.S. if you’ve watched ABC’S The Quest a girl won! Lets hear it for tough chicks! woooo nice job lady!

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Arkham Origins Joker Cosplay



Hi Universe check out the new images of the Orgins Joker.

I somehow got lucky and found everything I need except white spats all at each first place I went. Then Much sewing , chalking , cussing resewing and painting occured check out the project pics.


I also picked up the white make up from Krylon ( shout out to Face/Off fans) for the permawhite skin, as well as liquid latex and spirit gum for the scaring on the mouth.

So I’m getting closer to done! More pics will follow as it gets closer to completion!

Check out my joker cosplay page to see all the new pics!



note: yes the coat is purple but the picture is deceiving. Like the sample photo above the coat apears black if not in direct sunlight, also the all black shoulder and cuffs and collar area has not ben added or painted yet so don’t freak out yet;)


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